Our Services

Longarm Quilting Service

Here at Threadgoode Quilting we offer several long arm quilting services to help save you time and allow you to do what you love most, make more quilts! We have hundreds of designs from which to choose that will bring your quilts to life, and we are adding more designs to our collection as we go. We also offer free motion, and ruler quilting work for a more customized look. Our goal is to finish your quilt in a professional and timely manner so they’re ready for gift giving or your own personal enjoyment. And if you prefer to hand quilt or free motion on you own machine, we can baste the layers together for you, making your quilting so much easier and more enjoyable!

To Prep your Quilt Top for Quilting…

We ask that you bring us your quilt as a separate top and back. Your backing must be larger than your top. We prefer that it be at least 6 inches bigger then your quilt top, meaning if your top is 60″ x 80″ we need your backing to be at least 66″ x 86″. If you have extra fabric, you don’t need to cut it off, we’re able to just roll it onto the machine and it’s not in the way. We request that the edges of your backing are cut straight to make the loading process go smoothly. We also ask that you check to make sure that there is minimal ‘fullness’ in your quilt top and borders and your quilt is as square as possible. In extreme cases, when your quilt is not square it can lead to wrinkles, folds, or waves in your quilt top. A quick check to see if your quilt is fairly square is to fold it in quarters and see if the outside edges line up well. Alternatively, you can lay your quilt flat on the floor. If there is a wrinkle that you seem to chase around the outside edge and can’t get to lay flat then you’ve got a bit of a fullness problem. We are always willing to help you correct concerns such as these. Please press or starch your quilt so that there aren’t (m)any wrinkles and the seams lay flat. When we receive your quilt we will hang it on a hanger to keep any further wrinkles from forming. Also please trim all your loose threads on your top. They will show through the quilt top after quilting.


We price our quilting service by the square inch. Our Edge 2 Edge (E2E) patterns are defined as patterns that start at the top edge and are the same over the entire quilt. We do not charge different prices for different all-over patterns. Custom patterns start at $0.03 per square inch and go up from there depending on the complexity of the pattern.


You can use your own batting If you desire or we carry batting. We keep Quilters Dream cotton, and 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend in stock, but we can acquire other battings for you. We have found that there are some brands of batting that do not quilt well and lead to subpar results. If you’ve got questions on this please contact us

Addition Services Offered

Occasionally, people ask us to assemble backs, fix borders, apply binding and make custom embroidered labels. These are services that we can perform for a fee. Please note that all of these services are optional.

  • Backing assembly is $10 a seam for a simple assembly and $20 an hour for complex back assemblies.
  • Quilt preparation (fixing borders, pressing seams, trimming excessive threads) is $20 an hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.
  • The non-cotton backing surcharge is $10. Non-cotton backings such as fleece, minky, or snuggle fabrics are excessively stretchy and warrant careful watching to ensure that there aren’t any
  • Custom Embroidered Quilt Labels are a great way to add a history to the quilt. We are more than happy to create one for a quilt we quilted for you or for any quilt that needs one. Ask for more information on this important service.


We are happy to do the finishing touches by binding your quilt for you. We do straight binding: cut at 2 ¼ inches, folded, and then pressed in half. The binding is attached to the front of the quilt by machine then is wrapped to the back and sewn down by hand whipping, giving your quilt a handsome finishing touch. Your binding options include:

Full Binding – Hand Whipped

Make and Attach

Attach Only

Machine Stitched